Our company has been active in the field of supply of plant protection products and provision of agricultural services to our customers since 1948, when we started our cooperation with BAYER.

As a people-centered company and through the quality of our products and the provision of expert agricultural services, we have forged and continue to forge a successful path of more than 70 years in the agricultural sector.

Having growth as our main objective, we have achieved new collaborations with leading companies in the agricultural sector, such as FMC, UPL, KNE Certis, Phytothreptiki, ORA Services, Antonio Tarazona, Altinco Agro, Afepasa and others.

The team of COSTAS CHRISTODOULOU LTD is staffed by competent, dynamic and progressive management and consists of experienced and well-trained agronomists, who provide the necessary know-how, technical support and training to Cypriot professionals and amateur producers.

Today our company runs 4 agricultural shops in Nicosia, Limassol, Xylofagou and Kiti, has a distribution network of more than 50 retailers (the majority of which are other agricultural shops and plant nurseries), sells directly to more than 1.000 farmers and serves through its shops more than 10.000 customers on a yearly basis. Through our agricultural shops we supply:

  • Plant Protection Products
  • Biocides
  • Fertilisers
  • Plant Growth and Defense Regulators
  • Stoller Products
  • Seeds
  • Home & Garden Products (Gardening Equipment – Garden Tools, Hoses, Hose Trolleys, Watering Spray Guns, Irrigation Water Timers, Garden Machinery, Sprayers, Irrigation Products, Washing Equipment, Vacuum Cleaners, Pool Chemicals and others).
  • Personal Protective Equipment

You can find more information about our main products in our company’s e-shop: